How to Travel Smart and Simple!

Traveling simple is something I have always enjoyed, I mean who doesn’t like to travel right?

The adventure of seeing new sights, meeting people, admiring how others live culturally are all some of the things that make traveling a delightful experience. Well, I have found out that traveling simpler can make it even better!

When I travel, I try to make the trip as simple as possible. But what does simple mean, you ask?

Traveling simple means making sure that everything you need is at your finger tips, when you need it along with some other helpful tips.

Whether traveling by car, train, bus or plane, having cleverly stuffed pockets holding identification, tickets, passports, water and even Kleenex handy can be  paramount to having a simple trip.

Simple also means having the things you need to make your stay comfortable depending on your accommodations of course. If your staying in a tent you may want to be close to the facilities or bring your own pillow, if your staying in a hotel you still may want to be close to the facilities and bring your own pillow! No seriously, you may want to bring the things that make you feel comfy at home.

Vegas, is one of my favorite places to go where we know our tip will go far and we will be taken care of. We find it is important to line the pockets of those who can make your trip as simple and enjoyable as possible. While in Vegas we stay at our favorite hotel where the valet actually remembers us. The valet or the concierge is tipped handsomely to assure our requests are handled swiftly and efficiently because of this our car is always parked in front never in the garage.

We always try to book the same suite as well. Doing this assures that everything we want from the tub big enough for four people to a view to die for are always there! The huge balcony with doors that open out into lighted skyline and the cool night air is always a welcoming site. The hotel has great food but we like to bring our own food and cook it in the full kitchen and the fact  it is in close proximity to Downtown makes this more of a simple choice for us. When we are ready to continue our trip we hit the road on the Interstate 15 Highway that is right out the hotel door! Which brings me to road trips made simple.

Road trips are our favorite pastime, and keeping it simple never got easier. Having blankets, water, food and gasoline are the most important things to have on a road trip. An occasional toll may pop up as well so have some change handy.

Tip 1: always bring a neck pillow, socks and a blanket. You never know when the A/C or the night air will have you chilly in the passenger side.

Tip 2: Remember to never turn off your GPS when traveling through an area with no  signal because you will lose it, but it will stay on as long as you don’t touch it.

Tip 3: Road trips on the coast are the best because you get to pull into a rest stop over looking cliffs with oceans views for days!

And Tip 4: Don’t drink too much  nobody like to stop at all of the rest stops!

I remember riding through the Redwood Forest in the dead of the night with nothing but the Moon to guide us. This was an amazing experience for us because we weren’t aware the ocean was just below each curve and bend of the road or that a deer would jump out and my wife would “toot” the horn and back into the woods it would go. We quickly realized this was their time of the evening when animals are not expecting a car to come around the bend, and we were in their territory at that moment and we were humbled by it.

When we came through the woods we parked at a rest stop and rested for a few and then shortly after we were off again headed towards the Oregon coast. It wasn’t until we were on our way back we realized the veracity of what we had done driving alone though the forest a few nights before.

We finally looked up and saw the trees, they were old and tall as Redwoods are. The trees actually called out to us and we had to pull over in awe of the massive trees overlooking everything in its vicinity.

Hush, pray and take pictures that’s it, that’s all we could do and thank God for His wonderful beauty!

One thing I found out while on our road trip is that traveling simple isn’t always easy but its worth a try, and after a few  tries you can be a pro at being simply simple!









Why money shouldn’t keep you from teaching or studying abroad. Have you always wanted to teach English abroad? You may find out that it is much easier said than done especially when you have no financial backing to travel abroad. Then you say “what was I thinking, nothing in life is free, is it”? So you may ask yourself why you should continue to pursue this journey. Because it’s a rewarding experience at least that’s what I’m told. So you got this amazing opportunity to travel abroad. You know the spiel contribute to social change…wonderful way to make a difference… and a nice way to achieve your goals of living or teaching abroad. All this sounds wonderful if you had the means to go right? Some of them offer to pay you to teach English, work as a tutor or assist you with your visa. Some help you find housing assuring your safety while there. Most of them cater to the younger crowd while a few accept ages thirty-five and above. Some want video interviews connecting through Skype; either way they want to put a face to a name, and that makes sense. You may want to consider a Go Fund Me account, or ask family members to sponsor you, literally beg for assistance. Well don’t beg, but ask earnestly. You may even begin to ask the question why, why would someone want to sponsor you on your desired journey abroad? Believe it or not this question was hard for me to answer as well or should I say it made me question my worth. Everyone will tell you this is an awesome opportunity, or congratulate you, telling you to go for it, but no one is offering to help. Well here’s something else you can consider, fundraising. Sounds frustrating I know but worth a try. There are many ways to raise funds for your trip that may take some effort on your part but again nothing in life is free. Whether you make jewelry, a pitcher of lemonade, cookies or make art, all can be a means of fundraising I am finding out. Ask your church or an organization you are involved in to sponsor you let them know how important this is to you and how it will benefit your community when you return. Tell your professors and guidance counselors your desire and they may have a way of sponsoring you or can lead you in the right direction. I read another blog that mentioned cooking and inviting your friends over and letting them know what you are trying to do abroad, charging them twenty dollars and maybe doing a themed dinner representing the country you are traveling to, and even offer to bring back souvenirs for each of them as a token of appreciation. This was the best advice I have read so far. Getting creative and not being afraid to ask and share your before and after experiences with them is paramount. Most importantly, when you have successfully raised funds for your trip enjoy it! Make sure you chronicle every experience by blogging. When you return make sure you share your experiences with your donors they will appreciate it and probably learn a lot! If it is your dream to go abroad dream no more and make it a reality with these little tips I am sure there are more you will be able to add this tiny list!

First Timer

Blogging for the first time: A mystery I must say. When I decided to photograph my meals I never thought I make a blog. I just thought the meals.were so beautiful  that they needed to be captured so I did. Now I’m on my new journey of blogging g and posting and tagging and most importantly garnering new relationship. I must say I am excited to see where this goes. I heard many stories quite like mine that have very positive happy results. I hope this is true for mine. I want to connect with fellow foodies and give good advice and learn from fellow bloggers to improve my blog. My goal is to promote healthy meals as well as satisfy the cheater as well, I make a mean fried chicken! If you come across myblog, I hope it resinates with your visually palate inciting a PalateParty in your mouth! Please follow my blog!!

My new path of blogging

Since I started on this journey of blogging it has been exciting and rewarding. Getting followers and getting to know them by following them has been rewarding. I have had the pleasure of seeing a lot of beautiful pictures of food, different scenes of nature full of vibrant colors, and creativity. I am truly not sure of where this will lead, or how I will get people to read any of my writing, but I press on. I have so many questions that deal with anticipation and direction. It is fun going to bed and seeing my new followers only to awake and see that some have decided to un-follow me. I guess learning how not to take it personal is important, but it is personal. The first day I posted a picture on Instagram; I noticed the people really want to see what I have to say and the enjoy the pictures I post of the food I cook. All of my photos were taken by me and are a recording of my life and this makes it real personal for me. I have traveled about the country and on my journey I stopped to take a few picks of things I thought would be memorable for me. I was never a picture taker growing up and the ones I did take were never valued enough for me to keep or want to keep I’m not sure why. Having the pictures that I have now are important to me because I have learned the importance and value of capturing memories to share and to admire myself. This new blogging journey I am on will make me a better person as well as make me develop a relationship of other bloggers that will help teach me to appreciate the beauty of life an d how to share it with others.

Beach Bum!

When we moved to San Diego from Boston, our way of life changed tremendously. We quickly became accustomed to the tropical weather and sunny beaches! Making a point to visit as many beaches as possible, we set out to do just that.

Pacific Beach with Mission Bay as the back drop, has a vibe that consists of a man locals call “Slo-Mo” who roller blades in slow motion throughout the day. He is always a welcome sight when on the boardwalk! A mobile barbershop takes up space to provide vacationers that much-needed touch up! The seagulls swoop down to share your food so take cover you never know when they will appear!

We are now known as regulars on PB as well and are constantly greeted by familiar welcoming faces every time we visit! At night the vibe heats up with light-up bicycle and skateboard tires providing vivid colors for all to see for miles! A man selling light propelling devices that come back to you when propelled is there every night making him another night-time fixture providing some sort of normalcy for locals. Then you walk, bike, skate or Segway about a mile down to Mission beach where the vibe is totally different. Music provided by beach goers on portable speakers are abound, a surfboard simulation activity vacationers love to visit! The nearby Giant Dipper Rollercoaster on the Belmont fair ground is always busy with beach combers. Of course you can take surf board lessons for all ages which are located at both beaches.

Taking in all of the beautiful sights on these beaches never gets old, and we make a point of visiting at least twice a week and we make it a point to bring our guests who visit who are also envious of our new-found love for San Diego!!  Believe me you be too!

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Mission Bay!

Blogging for the first time!

A mystery I must say. When I decided to photograph my meals and the beauty of San Diego, I never thought I’d make a blog. I just thought the meals were so beautiful  and that they needed to be captured, so I did. Now I’m on my new journey of blogging and posting and tagging and most importantly garnering new relationships. I must say I am excited to see where this goes! I have heard many stories like mine that have heard many positive  results, I hope this is true for mine. I want to connect with fellow foodies and give good advice as well as learn from fellow bloggers to improve my blog. My goal is to promote healthy meals as well as satisfy the cheaters. By the way I make a mean fried chicken! If you come across my blog, I hope it resonates with your visual palate inciting a PalateParty in your mouth!

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