"Garrett Cafe & Retreat" ~Making Radical Changes for a Healthier Life!~

Bio: I am excited to be able to connect with fellow food bloggers, so that we can exchange good advice about healthy eating and radical lifestyle changing habits. I also wanted to connect with fellow bloggers and most importantly readers to address the “how to’s” and “what to's”, regarding clearing out those cabinets, freezers and fridges of killer foods. Killer foods like, Ice cream, meats, crackers, cookies, and processed " junk" foods that kill and feed DIS-eases; to replacing them with economical, delicious, healthy items, like fresh fruits and veggies, and even how to keep fried foods in your diet and still be healthy. But, most importantly I want to reach and share radical advice specifically related to those who are ill and in need of critical intervention to get them on the right track of saving their very lives! Please join me on this journey of Vegetarian, Pescatarian and /or Vegan lifestyle living that you won't regret it. * WARNING: The only side effect of this lifestyle is weight loss

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