Travel Smart and Simple on a budget? YES!

Traveling simple is something I have always enjoyed, I mean who doesn’t like to travel right? Now, I ask who likes to travel on a budget? No one… until now!

Adventures of seeing new sights, meeting people, admiring how others live culturally are all some of the things that make traveling a delightful experience. Well, I have found out that traveling simpler can make it even better!

When I travel, I try to make the trip as simple as possible. But what does simple mean, you ask?

Traveling simple means making sure that everything you need is at your finger tips, when you need it along with some other helpful tips.

Whether traveling by car, train, bus or plane, having cleverly stuffed pockets holding identification, tickets, passports, water and even Kleenex handy can be paramount to having a simple trip.

Simple also means having the things you need to make your stay comfortable depending on your accommodations of course. If your staying in a tent you may want to be close to the facilities or bring your own pillow, if your staying in a hotel you still may want to be close to the facilities and bring your own pillow! No seriously, you may want to bring the things that make you feel comfy at home.

Vegas, is was of our favorite places to go where we knew our tip would go far and we will be taken care of. We find it is important to line the pockets of those who can make your trip as simple and enjoyable as possible. While in Vegas we stayed at our favorite hotel where the valet actually remembers us. The valet or the concierge is tipped handsomely to assure our requests are handled swiftly and efficiently because of this our car is always parked in front never in the garage.

We always try to book the same suite as well. Doing this assures that everything we want from the tub big enough for four people to a view to die for are always there! The huge balcony with doors that open out into lighted skyline and the cool night air is always a welcoming site. The hotel has great food but we like to bring our own food and cook it in the full kitchen and the fact it is in close proximity to Downtown makes this more of a simple choice for us. When we are ready to continue our trip we hit the road on the Interstate 15 Highway that is right out the hotel door! Which brings me to road trips made simple.

Road trips are our favorite pastime, and keeping it simple never got easier. Having blankets, water, food and gasoline are the most important things to have on a road trip. An occasional toll may pop up as well so have some change handy.

Tip 1: always bring a neck pillow, socks and a blanket. You never know when the A/C or the night air will have you chilly in the passenger side.

Tip 2: Remember to never turn off your GPS when traveling through an area with no signal because you will lose it, but it will stay on as long as you don’t touch it.

Tip 3: Road trips on the coast are the best because you get to pull into a rest stop over looking cliffs with oceans views for days!

And Tip 4: Don’t drink too much nobody like to stop at all of the rest stops!

I remember riding through the Redwood Forest in the dead of the night with nothing but the Moon to guide us. This was an amazing experience for us because we weren’t aware the ocean was just below each curve and bend of the road or that a deer would jump out and my wife would “toot” the horn and back into the woods it would go. We quickly realized this was their time of the evening when animals are not expecting a car to come around the bend, and we were in their territory at that moment and we were humbled by it.

When we came through the woods we parked at a rest stop and rested for a few and then shortly after we were off again headed towards the Oregon coast. It wasn’t until we were on our way back we realized the veracity of what we had done driving alone though the forest a few nights before.

We finally looked up and saw the trees, they were old and tall as Redwoods are. The trees actually called out to us and we had to pull over in awe of the massive trees overlooking everything in its vicinity.

Hush, pray and take pictures that’s it, that’s all we could do and thank God for His wonderful beauty!

One thing I found out while on our road trip is that traveling simple isn’t always easy but its worth a try, and after a few tries you can be a pro at being simply simple!

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