Why money shouldn’t keep you from teaching or studying abroad. Have you always wanted to teach English abroad? You may find out that it is much easier said than done especially when you have no financial backing to travel abroad. Then you say “what was I thinking, nothing in life is free, is it”? So you may ask yourself why you should continue to pursue this journey. Because it’s a rewarding experience at least that’s what I’m told. So you got this amazing opportunity to travel abroad. You know the spiel contribute to social change…wonderful way to make a difference… and a nice way to achieve your goals of living or teaching abroad. All this sounds wonderful if you had the means to go right? Some of them offer to pay you to teach English, work as a tutor or assist you with your visa. Some help you find housing assuring your safety while there. Most of them cater to the younger crowd while a few accept ages thirty-five and above. Some want video interviews connecting through Skype; either way they want to put a face to a name, and that makes sense. You may want to consider a Go Fund Me account, or ask family members to sponsor you, literally beg for assistance. Well don’t beg, but ask earnestly. You may even begin to ask the question why, why would someone want to sponsor you on your desired journey abroad? Believe it or not this question was hard for me to answer as well or should I say it made me question my worth. Everyone will tell you this is an awesome opportunity, or congratulate you, telling you to go for it, but no one is offering to help. Well here’s something else you can consider, fundraising. Sounds frustrating I know but worth a try. There are many ways to raise funds for your trip that may take some effort on your part but again nothing in life is free. Whether you make jewelry, a pitcher of lemonade, cookies or make art, all can be a means of fundraising I am finding out. Ask your church or an organization you are involved in to sponsor you let them know how important this is to you and how it will benefit your community when you return. Tell your professors and guidance counselors your desire and they may have a way of sponsoring you or can lead you in the right direction. I read another blog that mentioned cooking and inviting your friends over and letting them know what you are trying to do abroad, charging them twenty dollars and maybe doing a themed dinner representing the country you are traveling to, and even offer to bring back souvenirs for each of them as a token of appreciation. This was the best advice I have read so far. Getting creative and not being afraid to ask and share your before and after experiences with them is paramount. Most importantly, when you have successfully raised funds for your trip enjoy it! Make sure you chronicle every experience by blogging. When you return make sure you share your experiences with your donors they will appreciate it and probably learn a lot! If it is your dream to go abroad dream no more and make it a reality with these little tips I am sure there are more you will be able to add this tiny list!