My new path of blogging

Since I started on this journey of blogging it has been exciting and rewarding. Getting followers and getting to know them by following them has been rewarding. I have had the pleasure of seeing a lot of beautiful pictures of food, different scenes of nature full of vibrant colors, and creativity. I am truly not sure of where this will lead, or how I will get people to read any of my writing, but I press on. I have so many questions that deal with anticipation and direction. It is fun going to bed and seeing my new followers only to awake and see that some have decided to un-follow me. I guess learning how not to take it personal is important, but it is personal. The first day I posted a picture on Instagram; I noticed the people really want to see what I have to say and the enjoy the pictures I post of the food I cook. All of my photos were taken by me and are a recording of my life and this makes it real personal for me. I have traveled about the country and on my journey I stopped to take a few picks of things I thought would be memorable for me. I was never a picture taker growing up and the ones I did take were never valued enough for me to keep or want to keep I’m not sure why. Having the pictures that I have now are important to me because I have learned the importance and value of capturing memories to share and to admire myself. This new blogging journey I am on will make me a better person as well as make me develop a relationship of other bloggers that will help teach me to appreciate the beauty of life an d how to share it with others.

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